Things to do or see and trekking in Silent Valley National Park, Palghat, Kerala, India

The flora and fauna of Silent Valley National park includes numerous species of butterflies and moths ceylon frogmouth, hornbill, laughing thrush, malabar squirrel, elephant, tigers, leopard, bear, nilgai, sambhar and specially Nilgiri langur and Lion tailed macaque are in s red list of International Union for Conservation of Nature / IUCN threatened species. 

Large variety of trees, plants, herbs including flowering and orchids plants along with the wide variety of animals and birds can be observed here during bird watching and forest safaris in the sanctuary.

Tourists are permitted only up to Sairandhiri, the dam area 20 kilometres from Mukkali. Trekkers need to obtain permission from the Conservator of Forests, Northern Region, Palakkad, to trek on to one of the trekking routes.

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