Things to do / see in Bibi Ka Maqbara, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India

Tourists can go in the area all the way through a wooden entrance gate on its south. The entrance has a brilliant foliage design on brass plate and it is ornamented with an inscription which informs that the tomb was designed by Ata-ullah and built by Hanspat Rai, an engineer.

After crossing the doorway as one move through the trail through beautiful blossoming lawns, trees and fountains which lead to the monument are edged by pools and fountains at its middle. The dome and some element of the main building are finished of marble.

Resembling Taj, this extraordinary monument has a central dome, enclosed by four smaller domes. Four little minarets close to the main structure while four big minarets at its corner. Built on a square platform is having approach by steps from the three sides. The top of the Bibi ka Makbara is a enormous dome, perforated with trellis works and adorned with panels of floral designs. 

The internal gallery and burial chamber are having shape of octagon and the entire building is ornamented with stunning stonework apart from the grave which is sheltered within a chain of an octagonal white marble with jali work. The top of the pillars are finished of red stone. On the tomb itself, instead of a marble slab, there is exposed earth enclosed with a decorated cloth. The second tomb in the corner is said to be that of nurse of Rabia Daurani.

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