Places / things to see in and around Gopalpur , Odissa, India

Berhampur : Well known for Odissa silk sarees and horn toys, Berhampur is a prominant commercial hub of South Orissa. With a huge collection of Orissan handloom and handicraft products, Berhampur is ideal for marketing and shopping.

Taptapani :This hot sulphur spring having medicinal properties is the main attraction of the place. Over and above it is located in the of natural surrounding of lush green forests that makes Taptapani a hot tourist attraction.

Mahuri Kalua : Located in the route to Taptapani, Mahuri Kalua is the other spot with beauty of nature . The temple of Goddess Kalua is the added attraction.

Jaugarh : Another spot to visit is Jaugarh with the historical importance of the Emperor Ashoka and Buddhism.

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