Things to do / see at Gateway of India , Mumbai, Maharashtra

Boating facility / statues / skyscraper / hotels / film shooing / industry / motor boats / natural harbor / cruises in Gateway of India

Erected in Indo-Saracenic technique, the gateway has fundamentals of 16th century Muslim style of Gujarat, and is finished of yellow Kharodi basalt and reinforced concrete. The gateway comprises four towers and complicated latticework engraving on the basalt. The central dome is 15 meters in diameter and 26 meters to its peak. The entire cost of the construction of Gateway was Rs. 21 lakhs which was borne largely by the Indian Government. The total harbor front was realigned to come in line with a designed esplanade which was not at all built, due to a lack of resources, and so the Gateway at this moment stands at a inquiring angle to the road that leads up to it.

There is a lawn in front, where people can rest and stare at hundreds of pigeons that flock together. The place is furthermore a prominent Film shooting spot. A striking statue of the Maratha leader Shivaji, seated on his horse erected in 1960, along with a statue of the social reformer Swami Vivekananda, positioned close by.

Adjoining the gateway, one can observe first Five Star hotel in India , Taj Mahal Palace hotel erected during 1903 by the Parsi entrepreneur J N Tata and the design done by W Chambers. It is a splendid structure that displays Moorish influence and having crown of a red roofed dome. The unique structure has now been annexed by a contemporary skyscraper, the Taj Mahal Inter Continental. Both have a grand view east towards Elephanta Island.

Immediately at the back of the gateway, there are steps which lead down to the water. For all time jam-packed, here boating facility is obtainable. One can hire small motor boats, for a short cruise all the way through Mumbai's marvelous natural harbor, and for trips to the renowned Elephanta Caves. Boats depart from the Gateway all day.

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