Indian Museum - Anthropological / Archaeological Section

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Anthropological Section displays quite a few objects like the costumes, ornaments, implements of the a variety of tribes and gives an insight to the cultural life of equally tribal and non-tribal people of India. There is in addition a gallery of rare musical instruments.
Archaeological Section is the collected works of stone-age artifact from India and abroad, pre-historic antiquity from Mohenjodaro, Harappa etc. Several of the galleries in this section are Bharhut, Egyptian, Coins, Orissan Art, Gandhara etc. Bharhut gallery houses the railings and entrance of the Buddhist Stupa with carvings and sculptures which depict scenes from life of Buddha excavated from Bharhut in Madhya Pradesh in 1874 by Sir Alexander Cunningham. There is as well an urn containing Buddha's ashes. Owing to this the museum has become a place of pilgrimage. Gandhara galleries hold the most excellent collection of Buddhist Sculptures from Gandhara region and other stone sculptures. The Egyptian gallery has a 4000 year old 'mummy', sculptures, paintings etc. The coin gallery has a compilation of coins from the 5th century B.C. which displays gold coins issued by Kanishka, Samudragupta, Kumaragupta 1, Akbar and Jahangir.


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