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The existence of four minarets in the four corners which rise upwards nearly 22 meters from the roof of the square configuration. Every minaret stands on a lotus leaf base that is a repeated motif in Qutub Shahi buildings and has four floors, apiece looking like a capably carved ring in the region of the minaret. In amid the floors of every minaret, there are spiral staircases of 149 steps which go up to triple tiers of balconies from where one can have stunning views of the aged city. From the ground to the summit, the minarets cover a span of 56 meters and on crown they get thinner to a bulbous dome coroneted by a brass spire. The dome is ornamented with petal like pattern.

The upper points of the Charminar were in use as a madrasa and mosque, from where imperial proclamations were read out to the gather ed public. The striking mosque is positioned on the western section of the top floor which face the divine city of Mecca. The back wall of the mosque is marked by blank niches with frame of petal led decoration. There are 45 open air prayer places with no roof, to have room for more people in Friday prayers. On the east of this space is a roomy verandah with huge open arches in the middle, edged by smaller ones on both sides. There is a water tank in the center. The first floor has gorgeous balconies from where one has an incredible sight of the historic city.

Charminar has become an indivisible part of the history of Hyderabad. There is a idea that Charminar was erected to mark the conclusion of an epidemic of plague in the city. The fine-looking structure looks extravagant particularly in the nights when it is lightened up. The arch is lighted every evening from 7pm to 9pm. Open Weekdays: 0900-1700; Saturdays: 0900-1700.The busy bazaars near Charminar trade pearls, bangles, dresses and typical Hyderabadi delicacies. In close proximity there are numerous structures that are historically and architecturally noteworthy.

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