Things to see / do in Digha beach , East Medinipur West Bengal

Beach activities / sun bath / water sports / swimming / sea foods / restaurants / marketing in Digha

The ideal place for a plunge safe and sound is at old Digha. Cross the Sea Hawk hotel and carry on. About 5 minutes walk will take to the beach in the course of Jhaubans. The beach at this point is of flat with superficial depth. Beer is by and large served at the beach by the inventive locals who would acknowledge payment later by visiting you to the hotel.One can have a sunbath safely on the silvery bitches of Digha or play a game of beach Volley ball at the best sea beach of Bengal.

Souvenirs / gifts of Digha / things to buy in Digha For souvenir and gifts Digha offers stuff made up of seashells and further local materials on the seashore itself.Next there is availability of the well-known hand woven mats that are prepared from weeds which are obtainable in multiplicity of colors.Whilst shopping at Digha the tourists just cannot leave out the so very renowned cashew nuts.

When / best time / season to visit Digha Digha can be visited for the duration of any season throughout the year. One can carry out a tour from Kolkata to Digha for expenses a squat vacation. The expanse of this trendy tourist spot of West Bengal is nearly 185 km from Calcutta city. The prior name of Digha was Beercool.

Things to see in and around Digha : New Digha Beach, Talsari Beach, Temple at Chandaneswar,

Entry fees for Marine Station /Aquarium of Zoological Survey of India , Digha , West Bengal.
This is probably the finest outfitted marine aquarium in India, but the collections of specimens are rather pitiable. Some local ordinary fishes are kept in this massive aquarium. There is no entrance fee for the aquarium as on November 2005.

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