Onam - the harvest festival of India

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Not much days left, when the popular Onam festival will proffer us the oportunity to be its part. This year, as per the Malayali month of Chingam  Onam falls on 16 September 2013 ,7 September 2014 , 28 August 2015, 28 August 2015
Onam begins on Atham nakshatram day the 10 days event is one of the major festivals in India as well as the South Indian State of Kerala and therefore commences a number of cultural programmes and adventure boat-race competitions.

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Like the number of events in India, this outstanding harvest festival carries interesting legends too. Mythology says about the past eras of King Mahabali who had enriched Kerala with its golden time. It is told that the Almighty has send King  to the earth and has granted Asura King Mahabali (Maveli) comes to visit his subjects to visit his place once in a year. That is why, Onam is said to be the yearly visit of Mahabali in Kerala.Other than the mentioned saga, another legend of Boat Palliodam, Vanishing Boy etc are popular in the society.

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