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Basically a Tibetan village with an exclusive local and conservative self government body known as the Zumsa, Lachung is situated at an elevation of 9000 ft higher than sea level. Lachung is the ultimate village in North Sikkim well ahead of Yumthang and has emerged as a tourist destination for the reason that of its natural surroundings and the status of Yumthang valley that is just about 24 kilometers away from here.

Lachung is more or less 110 kms from Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, the thoroughfare to Lachung passes in the course of several of the most stunning but complicated terrain in Sikkim full of pictorial waterfalls and grand views. Tourism in the section has been opened to Indian and foreign nationals only in recent times. Here is only fundamental tourism infrastructure. Nevertheless this is further than offset by the natural attractiveness of the area.

The village, extensive on either side of Lachung Chu River, is encircled by mighty mountain peaks which stay fully snow clad for most of the year. A huge number of striking waterfalls can also be visited on the point of Lachung. Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary situated in Lachung is renowned for its collection of diverse species of Rhododendron that bloom for the duration of the months of April and May.

The Lachung villagers, known as Lachungpas, have managed to hold on to their exclusive ethnicity and tradition. The Lachung monastery on the slant reverse to the highway is a focal spot of all religious gathering of the local populace. To get a quick look of the sacred functions performed on propitious occasions a stopover to the Monastery should form a element of every visit to Lachung.

Lachen - North Sikkim

is barely a latest host to tourists. Positioned at a height above sea level of 8838 ft and at an expanse of 120 kms from Gangtok alongside the North Sikkim Highway, Lachen stands on a lush grassy and shaggy flat land alienated by profound gorges of Lachen Chu. Almost a six hour drive all the way through some of the most scenic places in Sikkim one reaches to Lachen.

Starting at Lachen rise the pine clad mountains with their snow-white peaks and black cliffs.
Lachen is a little land of Bhutia and Tibetan settlements, which comprises of just about 150 houses. This village was previously occupied only in winters by the persons who spend the summer time on the alpine pastures by the side of the Tibet border to nurture their herd of yaks. The Lachen monastery overlooking the local village is worth a d├ęcor.

Lachen was made open for tourism activities only towards the ending of year 2000. ever since then a handful hotels with essential facilities have turn up in Lachen in order to provide lodging for the lovers of nature. A marvelous trek course to the Green Lake at an altitude of 15400ft in Kunchanjungha National Park commences from Lachen. Lachen is as well the base from where one can trip Chopta valley along with Gurudongma lake.

Even though visit to Chopta valley and a trek to Green Lake is open to everybody. Gurudongma is reachable only for the Indian tourists and photography in this region is strictly prohibited. A visit to Lake Cho-lamu is also feasible from Lachen.

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