things to do or see in Mudumalai National Park, Udhagamandalam,Tamil Nadu, India

The Mysore Ooty National highway has 35 hairpin bends runs all the way through the deep jungles of the park gives every possibility of sightings wild animals like deer, boar and elephants. The 325 square kilometers reserve is one of the most pictorial location with diverse habitats of hills, valley, ravines, watercourse and swamps. The vegetation or plantations composes of moist, dry deciduous and scrub forests which make Mudumalai a most beautiful wildlife reserve. Aside from rich fauna, the wide range of wild animals and bird life has made this sanctuary a main attraction for the wildlife lovers and birdwatchers. 
The floras in Mudumalai sanctuary include thick groves of bamboo, teak and eucalyptus along with lots of blooming trees in India. It has one of the biggest populations of elephants and gaurs in the country. The other fauna found here include giant Malabar squirrel, macaque, common langur, tigers, leopards, chital, panther, bonnet macaque, sloth bear, python, barking, spotted and mouse deer, four horned antelope, otter, crocodiles, sambar, hyena, wild dogs, boar, jackal, hare, porcupine, pangolin, mongoose and many others.

The birds in this sanctuary are peacock, grey jungle and red spur fowl, grey partridge quails, Malabar whistling thrush, greater racket tailed drongo, magpie robin, sapotted babbler, wood peckers, Small green barbet, brown dove, Malabar grey hornbill, bulbul, eagles, Hawks, harrier, falcon and king vulture are major birds along with migratory water birds can be seen during wildlife safaris and bird watching in the park.

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