things to do or see Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivili, Maharashtra , India

The tropical forest of Sanjay Gandhi National Parkwhich consists of trees like teak, khair, peepal, umbar, karanj along with numerous species of flowering trees acacia, euphorbia, red silk cotton and many more.

The fauna or wildlife of the park are mongoose, antelope, sambhar, mouse deer, boar, languor, monkey, Magar can be easily spotted along with Panthers.

The forest is the home of more than 250 species of Indian and migratory birds namely jungle owl, golden orioles, racket tailed drongos, parakeets, hornbills, wood peckers, magpies’ are the best for bird watching in the season of migration from October to April

The butterflies, turtles, amphibians along with reptiles like python, Russell's viper, ceylonese cat snake, king cobras, Bengal monitor lizards and crocodiles can be seen in the Tulsi and Vihar Lake. 

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