Basanta Utsav Holi celebration at Visva Bharati Santiniketan , Bolpur India

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Holi is a colorful festival in India which takes place at the closing stages of winter when spring appears with its splendour. Falgun and Chaitra as per the Bengali calendar is the season of Dol utsav. Throughout this season nature demonstrate its own exquisiteness with colorful bloom of flowers like Palash, Shimul and many more. 

festival of colour visva bharati universityGurudev Rabindranath Tagore, poet and Nobel laureate started Dol utsav in his institution with several colorful cultural programmes. The students and inmates of Visva Bharati University takes part in the celebration of Basanta utsav in very special manner. The dance, drama and musical extravaganza makes the festival of color and gorgeous to all visitors from the neighboring districts and abroad by their magnificent live performance in the Poush mela ground.

2015 : Friday, March 6 2016 : Wednesday, March 23 2017 : Monday, March 13 2018 : Friday, March 2 2019 : Thursday, March 21 2020 : Tuesday, March 10

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