Magh / Bhogali Bihu / Maghar Domahi festival of Assam , India

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Magh Bihu is a harvest festive celebration in Assam and it marks the conclusion of the harvest season. Magh Bihu is performed on the first day of Magh month by means of Bengali Panjika. Magh Bihu is the festival and cultural heritage of Assam having duration for a week. The festival of Magh Bihu is devoted to Agni, the Lord of Fire. 
Nevertheless in the other of India the festival of Sankranti is committed to Surya, the Sun Lord. Magh Bihu is the festival of feasts and bonfires which starts on a day ahead of Magh Bihu. The day prior Magh Bihu is called Uruka which is the last day of Poush month by means of Assam calendar. On Uruka day people put up temporary huts known as Meji, using bamboos, leaves and thatch. The food for the feast is arranged within Meji and a community buffet is arranged during the Uruka night. The Meji is put on flame the next break of day and the ashes are sprinkled on the farm land to enhance fertility.

Magh Bihu dates 2015 ; 15 January, 2016 ; 16 January,  2017 ; 15 January 2018 ; 15 January 2019 ; 15 January, 2020 ; 16 January, 2021 ; 15 January , 2022 ; 15 January, 2023 ; 15 January

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