Wildlife / birding at Hemis high altitude National Park , Ladakh , Jammu and kashmir , India

More than 70  types of birds are seen in and around the national park. Snow cock, chukor, magpie, Himalayan whistling thrush, snow partridge, golden oriole etc. A percentage of the less usually seen birds are Great Gray Shrike, the Red Mantled Rose Finch, the Black Throated Thrush, the Robin Accentor, the Spotted Flycatcher, different migrant  Teal, the Red Flanked Blue Tail and the Great Nose Finch. 

The climatic conditions shift from sub artic to artic. Summer season is mild and having short span rainfall is very low and snows more often than not. During winter, the temperature drops to much below the freezing point and receives heavy snowfall, which covers the ground for few months at a stretch.

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