Things to do / see in Sariska National park and Tiger Reserve, Alwar, Rajasthan , India

The geography of the wildlife park is basically sloping with two levels, and the vegetation incorporate clean thistle bone-dry forests, Tropical dry deciduous forests spoke to by acacia nilotica and leucophloea, Prosopis cineraria, capparis aphylla, Anogeissus latifolia, shakes and grasses. Dhok is the tree species in Sariska all these stay lavish green amid the rainstorm period and dry in summer. 

Apart from tigers, the fauna or wildlife of the Sariska Wildlife Reserve comprises of leopard, panther, pig, hyena, jungle feline, civet, gazelle, sambar, cheetah, ratel, chinkara, nilagi, jackals and other differed and rare animal species. The park is additionally well known for its expansive number of Rhesus and Langur monkey. 

Among the birds peafowl, jungle spur fowl and the grey partridge, woodpecker, green pigeon, crested serpent hawk, great Indian horned owl and tree pies can be seen during bird watching.

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