Konark Sun Temple

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when / Best Season / time to visit  : October and March
Arranged 35 kilometers from Puri and 64km from Bhubaneswar in the State of Orissa is the Konark Sun Temple otherwise called the Black Pagoda from its dull color seen from a separation. The temple remaining on the sandy bank of the Bay of Bengal is considered as an Orissan design / designing miracle and one of the finest landmarks of religious structural planning on the planet. The whole temple mind boggling in Konark is brought about by its engineer, Sibei Samantaray, fit as a fiddle of a chariot with seven steeds (three on the north and four on the south) and 24 spoke, perfectly ornamented tremendous wheels on each one side of the temple to draw the Sun God, Surya, over the sky. 

Konark determines its name from Konarka, the managing god of the Sun Temple. It is the fusion of Kona (corner) and Arka (sun), which, when joined together, implies the sun of the corner. As per well known legend, it was here that the religion of sun-love started in the range of 5,000 years prior. Notwithstanding, legend has it that the temple was built by Samba, the child of Lord Krishna. It is said that Samba was distressed by uncleanliness, realized by his father's condemnation on him. Following 12 years of repentance, he was cured by Surya, the Sun God, in whose honor he fabricated this temple. Sun temple was announced a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1984.

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