Northern Gateway - Sanchi Stupa - Madhya Pradesh - India

buddhist holy places india
The Northern Gateway delegated by a contravened wheel of law, delineate the marvels connected with Buddha as told in the Jatakas. It likewise delineates scenes of Buddha educating at Shravasti, in a woods, at Kapilavastu and so forth. One of the best protected of the doors, it outlines scenes incorporating a monkey offering a vessel of nectar to love Buddha and a beautified Bodhi Tree.

There are four elephants confronting in four headings with influencing trunks and strong figures, which hold up the bars of the toran. Close to the elephants are two sets of figures, the most arousing portrayals of salabhanjikas or yakshis, hallowed tree spirits, while stallions with riders and more elephants fill the crevices between the architraves. The inside of the top passage in the northern portal delineates Chhadanta Jataka, the center curve has scenes from Buddha's existence, and the most minimal one scenes from the Vessantara Jataka.

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