Things to do / see in Bekal Fort , Kerala, India

On the outer part the fort there is a mosque erected by Tippu Sultan of Mysore. At the doorway is the Anjaneya temple, devoted to Sri Hanuman said to be as aged as the fort itself, the shrine was just renovated and draws hundreds of devotees from far and near. In the center of the fort is the inspection tower connected by a wide and broad flight of stairs. The structure, about 80 feet in circumference at the base and more than 30 feet high, afford a splendid view of the sea on three sides and the green scenery to the east.
There are many underground passages which lead outside from different portions of the Fort. Two of them still remain intact, one lead to the south of the fort and the other to the meet on the east. The magazine inside the fort closed to the public, is used to stock up weapons and ammunition and handled by the Archaeological Survey of India. The sea fortresses situated on the rocky projection, west of the fort also offer a splendid view of the sea and the beach. There is a sea side trail with a wonderful view of the fort to the east and the sea to the west connecting the beaches north and south of the fortification. The Pallikere beach with its shallow waters is merely one km. away from the fort. Owing to its historic significance, the fort is under control of the Archaeological Survey of India. Coins and further historical artifact were discovered by archeologists making it an exciting excavation site. Bekal is as well one among the five centers selected by the Government of India to be developed into a Special Tourism Area in India.


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