Hampi - a UNESCO World Heritage site

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when / best Season / time to visit Hampi : October to February
The splendid ruined city of Hampi is a small village in northern Karnataka state. Situated within the ruins of Vijayanagara, the past capital of the Vijayanagara empire (One of the greatest empires in the history of India), Hampi is 353 kilometers from Bangalore, positioned on the south bank of the Tungabhadra River, 13 km northeast of Hospet. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is one of the key historical places of South India.
In relation to Hindu mythology, Hampi finds talk about in the epic Ramayana as Kishkinda, the kingdom of Bali and Sugriva (the monkeykings). Erected by Harihara and Ukka in 1336, the city was a grand centre of Hindu rule for 200 years from its foundation. The city was well-off, greater than Rome, with a market full of jewels and palaces plated with gold, having held a domination of trade in spices and cotton, adorned courtesans and blissful festivities. Though, with the defeat in 1565 at Talikota at the hands of the Deccan Sultans, the incredible city was basically destroyed. At this moment the city has ruins of stone temples, elephant stables, barracks and palaces. The ruins of Hampi lies spread in nearly 26 sq. km area, amidst golden brown granite boulders and vegetation.The city is as well the abode of Pampakshetra - home of Pampa, the daughter of Lord Brahma and married to Shiva.

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