Things to do / see in Araku Valley , Andhra Pradesh, India

Araku valley is the home to numerous indigenous tribal with their respective culture, festivals and dresses which is portrayed in the Tribal Museum. The tourism department makes arrangements  for demonstration of Dhimsa - a folk dance known for its musical beats and colorful performance by the local Adivasis for entertainment of the visitors. 
Tribal Museum, Padmapuram Garden the botanical garden, Coffee museum and Borra Caves are the main attractions of Araku Valley. The valley amid beautiful nature with streams and Sangda and Katiki waterfalls are the sightseeing spots. 

The valley is ideal spot for a trekkers additionally which offers some fascinating trails. One can trek through the Ghat road in the midst of dense woods and reach the hill top. Trekking to Sangda and Katiki waterfalls are extremely famous.

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