Tawang famous hill station in Arunachal Pradesh , India

Roosted at the altitude of 11,155 feet close to the Indo Bhutan border, Tawang, the excellent place with Monpa tribes, is the most well known hill station in Arunachal Pradesh. Additionally the district headquarters of Tawang it is well known for its 400 year old Tawang monastery which is also the largest Buddhist monastery in India. 
north east hill station india

In spite of the fact that the voyage is intense, steep with hairpin bends, Tawang offers the tourists to view the snow topped Himalayan mountains, profound valleys, waterfalls, lovely scenes and hundred of lakes. 

Tawang was a piece of the kingdom of Tibet in medieval times though its origin is still unknown. Neighborhood tribal rulers ruled Tawang now and again and in 1873 British proclaimed this region as forbidden. After Indian Independence in 1947, China has been asserting Tawang as an essential part of Tibet and occupied during the 1962 war. At the same time the town was later become integral part of India.

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