Khas Mahal / Diwan-i-Khas in Red Fort / Lal Qila

On the northern side of Rang Mahal, is the Khas Mahal, the elite three stayed castle of the head. The southern chamber is the Tosh Khana (robe room), has a wonderful marble filigree screen on its north divider, cut with the balances of equity. Seeing the screen from the north you'll see suns encompassing the scales, yet from the south these look more like moons.
In the middle is the Khwabgah (Palace of dreams) with an octagonal tower anticipating over the east divider of the Khas Mahal where the sovereign used to seem day by day before throngs accumulated on the riverbanks beneath. In 1911, when Delhi was announced capital, King George V and Queen Mary sat in the gallery here as the Durbar commended their crowning ritual. The north chamber is the Tasbih Khana where the ruler used to love secretly.

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