Qualification for volunteers of Missionaries of Charity, Kolkata , India

Qualities / religion required / registration timing / branches / works for / male / female volunteers of Missionaries of Charity
The institute committed to the functioning for the insolvent, at the moment comprises more than 550 charitable trust homes in more than 120 countries. One can glimpse numerous volunteers crosswise the world.
A volunteer does not need to be Catholic, or yet religious and as well not obligatory to link in the daily prayer and Mass at the Mother House.

Prayer moment is at 6 am and 6pm. The working days are six days every week and Thursday is the rest day.
The Volunteer effort is alienated into morning and afternoon shift. People can effort either or both. But there are definite homes stringently for male or female volunteers.

If an individual wants to volunteer, one have to make contact with at the administrative center for volunteers,
Mother House Contact Number: 033-22497115
Time for registration of volunteers 3 pm Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

In addition volunteers can put their effort for as several or only some days. The job can be passionate but without prior experience. Works consist of the whole lot, from the laundry, serving to clean a injury or clutch a paralyzed woman to have a bath. Breakfast for every volunteer is obtainable at the Mother House.

The Mother House houses a little museum, where the personal belongings of the Mother Teresa such as books, cot and many other things are preserved. Admission is free. Visiting Hours: 8:00 am -12.00 and 3:00 pm -6:00 pm

On Thursday The Mother House remains closed.
At the present moment, this charitable organization comprises of more than 4,950 sisters all round the globe, engaged in 766 centers in 120 countries. In Recent years, German born Sister Mary Prema has selected as the superior general of the Missionaries of Charity (MC).


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